be good, do good things
the good goat gallery
fine art, handmade goods, and fun stuff 

Touch me,
the art of interactive art

the grand reopening of the good goat gallery
Opens Saturday October 18th
artists' reception 4pm to 10pm

runs for one month

Angeline, by Alexandra Soury

the good goat gallery
17012 madison ave.
lakewood, ohio

*fall/winter hours:

tuesday: 1pm to 5pm
wednesday: 1pm to 5pm

thursday: 1pm to 7:00pm
friday: 1pm to 5pm
saturday: 12pm to 4pm

*also open by appointments

your neighborhood fun art gallery  
... support the arts & feel the love made by artists

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Artist: [ahr-tist]
a person who is able to creatively compose a line, shape, color, note, number, letter, or any substance, into some form, that is pleasing to any of the senses.

-the good goat

                                                                                        Nancy-Goat-Round by Angela Oster

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"be good, do good things"
-the good goat

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